V103 Expo/ Birthday Bash Highlights

Chicago IL March 4, 2006


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Hemingway House
Birthplace Ernest Hemingway

Birthplace Ernest Hemingway
Birthplace Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway House
Hemingway House 

Nicole @ Hemingway House
vanillachild's Nicole - Hemingway House

vanillachild members
vanillachilds - Lilmisknowitall2 and Larry

V103 Expo
V103 Expo

Joe Soto and vanillachilds Larry
V103's Joe Soto and Larry

V103's Ramonski Luv and vanillachilds Larry
V103's Ramonski Luv and Larry

vanillachilds Sunny and Nicole wth V103's Joe Soto
Sunny, V103's Joe Soto and Nicole

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Teena's Stylist "SaRah" with  Larry and Nicole

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